Episode 35: Playoffs baby!

Ted and Jon talk playoffs and possibly home playoff games after DCU’s win against New York City FC. They talk all about how DC won and look ahead to potential playoff opponents and locations. They also look ahead to next week against Chicago and…

Episode 33: We attempt to do math

Ted and Jon break down the 2-1 win against Chicago and discuss who impressed and who we never want to see again. Hint, there is a particular play that drew Ted’s rage. They also look ahead to next week against FC Dallas and talk more playoff scenarios…

Episode 32: Lucharoo

Jon and Ted are here to break down DC’s dominating 5-0 win over the Montreal Impact. They also discuss whether DC’s run might earn the team some end of year honors and look ahead to next week against Chicago.

Episode 31: Safe Smoke and President’s Race

Ted and Jon wake from a DC United off week to look at the playoff picture heading into the crucial game against Montreal. They also answer your listener questions from Twitter and email. To wrap up they discuss the recent name change for the USL leagues.

Episode 30: Hey Wayne, VA is better

Ted and Jon review a gut wrenching draw to the New York Red Bulls and assess whether DC can still make a run at the playoffs. They also review the Wayne’s choice of location to live and Chris Hull’s appearance on the drums in the supporter section.

Episode 29: Yankee Stadium is bad for soccer

Ted and Jon discuss the two most recent results for DC in New York and against Minnesota. They also talk about the lower divisions including news involving both the Richmond Kickers and the Loudoun United. They also preview the 10th game of the year…

Episode 28: Let’s throw pies at Carlos Ruiz

Ted and Trey join you to review the games against Philadelphia and Atlanta. They also answer your listener questions from who they would like to throw pie at to which player they would like as a pet goat. They also look at how DC can handle the…