Episode 121: Thank You Ben

Ted and Jon talk about Ben Olsen no longer being involved in DC United and who the team should look at to lead the team in the future. They also review the game against Chicago and talk positively about the team for once.

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  1. Rich Myers says:

    I think you guys are too harsh on Sorga. He is clearly the best striker we have. Look at who he had to play with up top, Rivas who is slow and can’t put in open looks, and Kamara who not only can’t score but is continually offsides and is gassed after every run. What option does he have but to hold the ball when he’s either waiting on a run by one of them or waiting for Kamara to get back onside. Obviously i have more data after the next game, but clearly he forces teams to defend. He’s young and a rookie. I’ll take him and let him play along with the homegrowns. I think the future is bright and we have to get them all on the field and see how they fit with the big pieces we have. Asad for Moreno was the best move next game. I don’t know the stats, but Moreno is the invisible man. He doesn’t touch the ball and doesn’t defend aggressively. Too passive for DM.
    Also lay off Hamid. Bad plan leads to shooting gallery and bad defending. Watch Brilliant, he can’t figure out how to mark anyone for some reason.

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